Shoot The Moon
Introducing The Dual Gem Pulse 2-in-1 LED Strobe/Moonflower Effect
The venerable moonflower effect just had its world shaken up – literally with electrifying strobe action – and working DJs just got a new spin on value thanks to the new Dual Gem Pulse from American DJ. We’ve added an LED strobe to our hot-selling dual LED moonflower effect to create the all-new Dual Gem Pulse, a sound-activated combo LED moonflower/strobe effect. With two moonflowers flanking an LED strobe powered by 45 white LEDs, the Dual Gem Pulse  combines the razor-sharp colored beams of the original Dual Gem LED’s double moonflowers, with an added burst of brilliant flashing white light from the strobe in the center to give you two effects for the price of one. It may be the most exciting thing involving the moon since Neil Armstrong took “one small step.” Click here to read more

STAY TUNED – Next Month We'll Be Introducing A Contest Built Around The DP2 Hosted By Our Friend Brian Redd

Tom Talks Audio
Why You’re Gonna Love The New American Audio DP2 MIDI Controller, A Dual-Player/Mixer/Soundcard Unit If you know Tom Freret, American Audio’s worldly National Sales Manager, you know he’s normally a laid back cool California dude who doesn’t usually get off the wall excited about things. Well now is one of those rare times. Tom’s heart is pounding fast with excitement about the latest innovation from American Audio, the DP2 MIDI Controller. There’s a lot to love about this versatile all-in-one product – who wouldn’t be crazy about a controller with a built-in mixer that lets you play digital music from your computer while still maintaining a real hardware feel – especially when it sells at a price that won’t break your budget. So click here and let Tom tell you more

Ask Alfred
An oversized ego definitely isn’t a good quality in a DJ – or anyone else for that matter. But as a DJ you’re a big part of the festivities; it doesn’t matter if it’s at a wedding, corporate event, private party or club. Alfred Gonzales, National Sales Manager of American DJ, advises DJs to step out of the shadows and into the limelight at a few well-chosen times during an event. According to Alfred this will not only make the proceedings more entertaining for everyone; it will give you some well-deserved recognition. Alfred shares some tips on using lighting in a tasteful way to draw some attention to yourself while still remaining unobtrusive. Click here to learn more.

The American DJ LED Quest
Words don't do justice to the outpouring of color, energy and excitement that showers a room when this 15W LED fixture does its thing, with 19 lenses projecting razor sharp color beams, so take a look for yourself and see the ADJ LED Quest up close and personal in this cool new video.

Meet The DJ --
A Budweiser delivery driver is going to have plenty of friends at local gathering places. Todd Davis happily made this discovery when he began handing out business cards to people along his Modesto, CA delivery route when he started his part time DJ business 20 years ago. It wasn’t long, before Todd was flooded with calls for his services at local parties and weddings. He soon had so many gigs that he parked his truck and started DJing full time. The King of Beers loss was the DJ industry’s gain. Todd’s Sound Express Mobile Entertainment business has become a leader in the California DJ market, contributing to the level of professionalism in our industry and making thousands of people happy. Read what Todd has to say about his incredible journey.

Just  In Time For Halloween
High-Quality, Economic Eco Fog Juice

Looking for some fog juice to set the mood at a haunted house or Halloween party, but don’t want to be scared silly by high prices? Then check out  our new Eco Fog Juice. Selling at only $21.95 a gallon (suggested retail), Eco Fog Juice is made with the same high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade, FDA-approved ingredients typically found in more expensive products.  So overcome your fears and click here to read more.


Mini Me – Oh My!
ADJ’s New S-81 LED Mini Strobe Amazes

Maybe you can’t get something for nothing, but you can get your hands on an awesome little LED strobe for a mere $25.95 MSRP. We’re talking about the new ADJ  S-81 LED Mini Strobe, a modern-day version of this all-time popular effect that measures just 3.5” x 5.5” x 3.5”, yet contains 21 bright white LEDs, which give it an impressive punch that belies its petite size. Its LEDs are rated for 50,000 hours of use, meaning it could run continuously for over 2,000 days before the bulb would burn out.  Divide this into its retail price of $24.95, and the S-81 costs you just over one cent a day!  That’s about as close to free as you can get. Click here to read more.  

See The S-81 In Action On Video.

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