Hagen Summer Vacation CASH BACK Rebate program

Start packing your bags. We will pay you a 5% cash back rebate on your purchases for the next 3 months. For June, July and August, just purchase 15% more than you purchased for the same months in 2009 and you will receive a check for 5% of your June, July and August 2010 purchases at the end of each month.

Don’t wait, we're already half way through June, call your Hagen representative today for your monthly target number and start planning that vacation. “Cash Back” rebates are valid for dealers with current accounts receivable balances. Credit memo rebates will be issued for all other dealers.


Back By Popular Demand!! Hagen is proud to announce our Summer Stimulus Package. Just place any $500 net order now. You can then submit a separate PO for one item to receive a 50% discount (no limit on quantity) excluding any net priced items, Ocean View, Deep Sea Aquatics items, special orders, and show orders.

Hagen will be running our stimulus package all summer long. You can increase the number of items at 50% off weekly (up to 6 items) just by doing what you are already doing, “ordering your high quality Hagen products” on a weekly basis.

By ordering each week you can increase your 50% discounted items as follow:

Place a $500 net order the week of:

Place another PO with that order for:

6/7 – 6/13

1 item (any quantity) @ 50% off

6/14 – 6/20

2 items (any quantity) @ 50% off

6/21 – 6/27

3 items (any quantity) @ 50% off

6/28– 7/4

4 items (any quantity) @ 50% off

7/5 - 7/11

5 items (any quantity) @ 50% off

7/12 – 7/18

6 items (any quantity @ 50% off


You can maintain your 6 free items at 50% off by simply placing a $500 net order each week through August 31st.

Don’t worry if you skip a week, we are still here to help. You will just have to start over at 1 item at 50% off and begin building back up to 6 items.


  • You must place a $500 net order every week to build up your 50% off items.

  • If you skip a week you go back to 1 item.

  • You must send the 50% off items on a separate PO along with the $500 order. (We must receive them both together at the same time)

  • Excludes new items that are currently not available.

  • 50% off excludes NET priced items, Ocean View, Deep Sea Aquatics items, special orders, and show orders.

*******Any order over $1000.00 will receive 60 day terms on that order********
All terms are subject to credit approval

Contact your Hagen representative for more details, email us or

visit our website at www.hagendealerdirect.com

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