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Email Marketing

The most cost effective way to reach customers and prospective customers.

  • Complete creative, design and writing services.
  • Product photography available.
  • A dynamic sales tool with interactive links to video and audio.
  • Internet coupons can also be attached. These coupons can include UPC codes.
  • Complete reporting shows you the number of open rates, click-thrus, bounce backs, and unsubscribed.
  • Flexibility - you can have us send out the email blast or we can create it and you can distribute it.

Digital Newsletters

Keep your customers informed with monthly, quarterly or annual newsletters straight to their inbox.

  • An economical and effective way to communicate with customers - no postage or printing costs!
  • Can be as short or long as you want, from one page to your entire catalog at a low cost.
  • Complete creative services, we can design and write your entire digital newsletter.
  • A dynamic tool - your newsletter can include links to your website,audio and video clips.

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Why Implement An Email Blast Program With Fucini Productions?

There’s a good reason why 88% of businesses that sell to consumers use email blasts, according to Forrester Research. Email blasts work! Almost eight out of ten US Consumers (79%) have opted in to receive email blasts and 44% of us have acted on them. Read More.